Try for yourself what happens when you confidently step into the adventure that is YOUR life! …..

Joyce guides you to enhance your intuitive connection with inner magic. 

You will be inspired. Encouraged to trust, imagine wildly and intuitively follow the prompts and your own whispers of wisdom.

°  Look at things from a different perspective.
°  See through a different lense.
°  Experience your day by day at a new vibration.
°  Express with excitement and renewed confidence.
° Go from the feeling of falling, like Alice, down the tree
   to the abundant experience of spreading your wings and flying free.
° and LOVE yourself all the way, no matter what!

altered journal - joyce van der lely
° Release the Old
° Revive what was forgotten 
° Refresh what is Good

“And will you succeed? – Yes, you will indeed!

98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed


° I help you Weave Life, Dreams and Business with Self-Love, Personal Expression and Mindfulness °

Too often I see you with wonderfully bright ideas, a fabulous mind and beautiful dreams get stuck, lose your mojo or feelings of self-worth.

Just know that there is a way out of these shadows! Begin within, heat, mind and soul.

Do this in a creative way that suits your personality and you will find the connection with your personal magic.

The fire in your belly, your flow and ease. The ease that you are quietly searching for.

I hear you! (I felt that at some time too)