I love the intimicy of art journals, the endless possibillities and the paper surfaces patiently waiting to receive.

You can layer all of who you are into the pages of those books.

They hold secrets and fears. Happy thoughts, joys, frustrations and tears.

Art journaling is Medicine and a faithfull companion throughout life.

You can express everything, leave it right there and move forward lighter, knowing that those thoughts are safe and secure.

Art journals function as a personal library. Whenever you feel the need to revisit memories, you can. 

They hold the key to read the messages hidden within the images or in the layers underneath.  


I love art journaling and I love sharing this special medicine with other creative souls, looking for a sacred place to place the fragile fragments of their life.

↓ Here are some ideas to make a start and dive into your own art journal wonderland ↓

The Artemist’s Spellbook

Follow in the footsteps of the Alchemists of old in this on-line course.

Weave your personal wisdom and curiosity into a magical work of art.

Creativity as Medicine

(with optional mentoring addition) – is a 4 week on-line program where you learn to build trust, imagine wildly and flow with your personal wisdom through weaving your own creative expression into the tapestry of your life.