Hellooo! so nice to meet you.

My name is Joyce. Art Alchemist | Spiritual Empowerment Guide + Dream Creator.

a Multi-passionate, multi-potentialite, all that and more.

Granddad jokingly called us the “millipedes”.

As a child, I never really understood what he meant by this. But I have come to realize exactly what he was saying and with that understanding, the reason behind feeling why I never fitted in anywhere.

I am a guide, coach, teacher, inspirer, thinker, lover of arts, nature, books, music, movies and creator of all things fun. Because being playful and having fun is Serious business!

After many ups and downs and eye-opening experiences, I found the connection to the magical personal wisdom we all hold within. And I began to create independence in both business and life with plenty of Freedom+Fun.

My passion is helping Creative Changemakers and Magical Misfits to connect with their own set of superpowers. Building Confidence, Courage and above all: inner Calm.

Creating strategies for personal growth and transformation that all lead to make beautiful Dreams come True.

Born in the Netherlands, I emigrated to New Zealand in 1995 then after the devastating earthquakes of 2010/2011 moved from Christchurch to Tauranga in the the Bay of Plenty where I live with my partner and two miracle kids.

Forever grateful and proud to be a Thriving artist, a spiritual + creative entrepreneur.

a “Renaissance woman“.

Creative expression is truly Magical and it heals many wounds.

(trust me, I know from personal experience)

It’s the Best, Safest and never ending Medicine available to us all.

You can ALWAYS reach out to me. I love to support you. Help you heal and help women like you grow!

° connecting with Curiosity = growing Confidence = building Courage = finding inner Calm °