JoycevanderLely Art and Mindset

Artist | Mindset + Creative Business Guide

Tauranga – New Zealand

I help multi-passionate, creative women like you manage your Mindset for independence and freedom in your personal life and work or business.

Too often I see you with wonderfully bright ideas, a fabulous mind and beautiful dreams get stuck, loose your mojo or feelings of self-worth.

Just know that there is a way out of these shadows! Work on your Mindset, do this in a creative way that suits your personality and you will find the connection with your force, your fire and find your flow. The ease you are silently searching for.

I hear you! (I felt that at some time too)

What you can expect when we work together:

  • I will inspire you, encourage you and help you deal with and work through your blocks, fears and emotions.
  • At the same time teach you tricks for blending feelings and mixed media techniques.
  • So that while working through the creative process, you will also gain the tools to manage your mindset. For better focus, planning, independence and freedom in your life and business

“And will you succeed? – Yes, you will indeed!

98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed