Hellooo! so nice to meet you.

My name is Joyce. Art Alchemist | Spiritual Empowerment Guide + Dream Creator.

a Multi-passionate, multi-potentialite, all that and more.

My granddad jokingly called us “millipedes”. As a child, I never really understood what he meant by this. But I have come to realize exactly what he was saying and with that understanding, the reason behind feeling like I never fitted in anywhere.

I am a guide, coach, teacher, thinker, lover of arts, nature, books, music, movies and creator of all things fun. Because being playful and having fun is Serious business!

After many ups and downs and eye-opening experiences, I found the connection to my personal power and set off to create independence in both business and life with plenty of Freedom+Fun.

My passion is helping Creative Changemakers and Magical Misfits connect with their own set of superpowers. Building Confidence, Courage and inner Calm.

Creating strategies for personal growth and transformation that all lead to make beautiful Dreams come True.

Born in the Netherlands, I emigrated to New Zealand in 1995 then after the devastating earthquakes of 2010/2011 moved from Christchurch to Tauranga in the the Bay of Plenty where I live with my partner and two teenage (miracle) kids.

Grateful and proud to be a thriving artist, a spiritual + creative entrepreneur.

a “Renaissance woman“.

Creative expression has many special super-powers and heals many wounds. (trust me, I know from personal experience) It's the Best, Safest and never ending Medicine available to us all.

You can ALWAYS reach out to me. I love to help. Help heal and help women like you grow!

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° connecting with Curiosity = growing Confidence = building Courage = finding inner Calm °